When I was asked why I was going to attach model rocket engines to a large Styrofoam plane and launch it, my response was, “Because it’s a Styrofoam plane, and they’re model rocket engines… and I’m going to launch it.”  I mean, c’mon.  Isn’t that pretty obvious?  So my co-workers got together and made history…


So here’s what was used:

1)      Large Styrofoam plane: 4 ft wingspan

2)      2 C6-3 model rocket engines w/ launcher

3)      Elmer’s glue and duct tape

4)      Cardboard box (sophisticated launching platform)

5)      Complete lack of common sense


In a nutshell, I found the center of gravity and attached the rocket engines on either side of the fuselage with Elmer’s.   You can also see the wicked-cool teeth on the front of our plane (called the Spirit of Insanity).


Then we added a little duct tape for safety sake.  Duct tape saves lives, yo.


After thoughtful consideration, we chose the SLP-3090 Cardboard Launch Pad as our launching platform.   The SLP-3090 has a strategically placed flap on one side that can be used to lift one end… for greater lift.


Then we answered a few questions from the police.  And then it was time to ROCK AND ROLL, BABY!

But there was something wrong. 

But we re-wired it, and then it was really and truly time to ROCK AND ROLL, BABY!

The launch…